Balboa Bay Resort度假村位于纽波特海滩(Newport Beach)的15英亩土地上,是一间拥有160间客房的度假酒店,拥有众多便利设施。其中包括一个可容纳150条船的码头,海滨游泳池,私人海滩,水疗和健身中心以及私人餐厅。


最初称为Balboa Bay Club的Balboa Beach Resort于1960年开业。此物业一直由Jack Wrather拥有,直到1971年,之后他将其出售给William Ray。雷因其对该物业的保护努力而于1988年入选国际名人堂。三年后,他去世了,财产所有权移交给了他的遗ow贝弗莉·雷·帕克斯特(Beverly Ray Parkhurst)。她于2003年5月14日向公众开放这家酒店,然后于2011年将其卖给了名叫温斯顿·钟的中国商人。

钟先生在将资金转移到中国以支付购买费用方面遇到困难之后,该物业便成为了托管人。然后,该物业于2012年6月出售给Richard H. Pickup及其家人。一年后,它更名为Balboa Bay Club和Resort作为两个独立的实体,经过翻新的Balboa Bay Resort向公众开放。俱乐部仍然只对会员开放,接待了众多著名人士,包括汉弗莱·博加特,约翰·韦恩,劳伦·巴考尔,罗伯特·瓦格纳,约翰·特拉沃尔塔,吉姆·卡里,娜塔莉·伍德,杰里·塞恩菲尔德,巴里·戈德沃特和罗素·西蒙斯。该俱乐部还有一个公共董事会,许多新港滩居民都在董事会任职。


Featuring a hotel as well as short- and long-term apartments on the oceanfront, the Balboa Bay Resort offers a number of amenities. Among these are a restaurant called ?The First Cabin? and a bar called ?Duke?s Place,? both of which are located on the property. The property also boasts a library/lounge named ?Waterline? and ?A&O Kitchen + Bar?. The club has three pools, with the original pool being a central fixture of the club since its construction. A members-only pool can also be found near the main beach, while the apartments have a pool located in the complex.

Other features of the property include 14 meeting and board rooms and a 17,000-square-foot spa and fitness center located in the members? clubhouse. The property did have tennis courts located onsite as well as an off-site tennis club located at the nearby Newport Center. As such, numerous tournaments have been held at the resort since 1958. Today, residents can enjoy playing tennis at The Tennis Club located at the Newport Beach Country Club.

The waterfront marina is another of the resort?s amenities. Over the years, the club has hosted a number of well-known vessels, including Frank Muller?s ?Primadonna? and ?The Mojo? as well as Reed and Rita Sprinkle?s ?Sirius II? and ?Viking Princess?. The marina was also visited by the Americas Cup J class racing yacht Endeavour in 1996. The marina is also known for being a prime viewing location for the annual Newport Beach Christmas boat parade and the Beer Can Races that take place every week throughout the summer.