آنکیتا تاپلیال
آنکیتا تاپلیال

آنکیتا تاپلیال

CA DRE: 02056257

آنکیتا در هند متولد شد ، در خانواده ای بیش از شش نسل خدمت کرد که در ارتش ، نیروی هوایی و نیروی دریایی به عنوان دیوان سالار و پزشک خدمت می کردند. سوابق خانوادگی وی باعث سفر گسترده وی و بستری برای تعامل با افراد از فرهنگ های گوناگون شد.

A valedictorian in High School and College, Ankita graduated with a Bachelor?s in Economics & Political Science from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University, one of the top prestigious colleges in India.

Ankita?s passion for business education motivated her to pursue a Master?s degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing. In 2005, Ankita came to the United States to fulfill her academic aspirations. During her time at Cal State, Ankita while pursuing her Master?s degree continued to give back to the community and worked as a teacher for autistic children with developmental disabilities.

After graduating with high honors with a MBA in Marketing, Ankita worked for over 13 years for Cal State?s and UC?s as one of the prominent international recruiters and designated school official. She successfully established strong liaisons with the consulates/cultural attaché and helped innumerable international students pursue their academic goals and dreams from all over the world.

Ankita?s diverse background sets her apart as a real estate agent at Agent Inc. as she brings in her drive, education and vast international experience to help fulfill her clients needs from all across the globe.

Ankita has a passion for dancing, when she is not working she loves to do Kathak (Indian classical dance) and cook various cuisines. Her love for water makes her enjoy paddle boarding. Ankita?s recent expedition snorkeling and exploring the great barrier reefs in Cairns, Australia makes her spend even more of her spare time exploring all of the beautiful coves at the Laguna Beach.

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